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Welcome to xena.pw, the ultimate fansite for all lovers of Xena: Warrior Princess, be it subber, shipper or in between. A lot of graphics, informations, contests and goodies ! Here you will find avatars, banners, wallpapers, as well as episodes lists and characters charts. Join our forum and interactions, to meet fans like you and share your love for the Xena and Hercules. Let the War Cry guides you in the mist <3

  18 Feb 2018  
      This article was drafted by Andi

I give you a War Cry – a Xena website in the making, which will be growing and providing you with the best Xena and Hercules material possible 🙂

I will strive to give you avatars, fanlistings, wallpapers and many info about Xena and her adventures. In the days, there should be new info added and new graphics created.

See you then! And wish me luck in making the best Xena website that exists! <3